Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes

3:06 PM, Saturday May 1st 2021

Lesson 1 Exercise - Drawabox - Album on Imgur

Direct Link: https://i.imgur.com/4IOtKiN.jpg

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From what i gather from the exercise, i got a few problems that i notice

  1. The mark i made lacks consistency and accuracy, a perfect line i intend happens rarely and the lines that are good enough, happens about a third of the time, the rest are horrible. Any lines above 5 cm will most likely fail for me. Also the lines i made that are straight will stop shorter/longer than intended

  2. The shape on organic perspective are random at times especially the bigger boxes, it distorts more than i thought and i have trouble imagining the shape of boxes that are partially outside the frame. Most likely i didnt make a wide enough angle on the Y technique

Any criticism and advice with how i can improve are extremely welcome, especially advice for a beginner

Thanks for your time for reviewing my work !

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8:07 PM, Wednesday May 5th 2021
edited at 8:10 PM, May 5th 2021

Hi there! I'm also a beginner! Don't know how helpful I will be but I hope my lil experience can help somewhat.

About your concerns:


I think it's important to be kind to yourself! Don't see your work as "horrible", it's growing. Every attempt you make it's a great job, as long as you put the effort.

The consistence and accuracy you will get it with practice and by going through a lot of mistakes.

Don't know if you already read this but it's very helpful


"Also the lines i made that are straight will stop shorter/longer than intended"

I think, in my experience, one of the reasons it tends to happen it's a fear of not reaching, so you trying to compensate, or stop yourself trying to not get too far. A silly advice I can give you it's to just let it go! Use the ghosting technique as much as you need to feel safe, and then, stop thinking and just do the line. Overthinking makes things more difficult! Eventually you will just get used to the distance, thanks to doing it over and over.

I also found Organic Perspective pretty confusing. That's okay though! It's the first lesson and we are just getting to learn about perspective! You will get lots of practice doing the 250 boxes.

Maybe if you could study a real object, like a Rubik's cube you could see the differences with each rotation?

Overall concerning your work I think you did really good! You understood the main goal for each and did your best attempt. Especially your Rotated Boxes.

The things I notice to improve are:

Rotation and perspective (Organic Perspective)

Getting to the vanishing point (Rough Perspective)

And in general improving the shaky boxes.

But all of this it's expected since you are a beginner and just learning. You will improve as you keep moving forward!

Congratulations in completing lesson 1! You did a good job focusing and studying your own work, I hope I get to see more of you in the next lessons c:

Next Steps:

Continue with the 250 boxes challenge! Also, don't forget to have mini sessions of practice using the exercises you've learn in Lesson 1!! Every day from 10-15 minutes or so.

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9:49 AM, Thursday May 13th 2021

Concerning being too hard on myself, i see it as a necessity to keep improving so it doesnt really bother me at all

Otherwise, thank you for your time!

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