Is It Necessary to Go Over the Outer Lines of Each Box in The 250 Box Challenge?

1:31 AM, Friday January 15th 2021

The last time I attempted the 250 Box Challenge (on a different account), going over the outer lines of the box made using a ruler to find my mistakes more difficult because I didn't know which line I drew first. So I'm wondering, is it possible for me to be allowed to not have to draw over the outer lines of each box?

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2:14 AM, Friday January 15th 2021
edited at 5:35 AM, Jan 15th 2021

When extending your lines use the dots you used to plan the ghosted line, that way you can't get confused. Drawing over the outer lines of the box with ghosted superimposed lines is optional, but it's recommended since you'll get extra practice.

edited at 5:35 AM, Jan 15th 2021
7:04 PM, Friday January 15th 2021


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