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250 Box Challenge

The Challenge

This is an advertisement. Most of the links here are part of Amazon's affiliate program (unless otherwise stated), which helps support this website. It's also more than that - it's a hand-picked recommendation of something I've used myself. If you're interested, here is a full list.
AmazonBasics Fineliners

AmazonBasics Fineliners

While I haven't had a whole lot of time to play with these, I have drawn with them a little and have found them worth putting up here. They're far from the best, but I find their tips a lot less stiff than the Sharpie Pens, so they draw more smoothly, which makes them fairly pleasant. There are a lot of complaints about their lifespan (I admittedly haven't used them long enough to comment on that), but there's one reason that this doesn't bother me:

The price.

These are far and away cheaper than all the other comparable fineliners I've come across, and what's better is that they're sold in 12 packs, all of the same size. When you go for Staedtlers or Microns or Faber Castell, you're usually going to end up buying packs of different sizes. When it comes to Drawabox, we're primarily only working with one of those, and the others go to waste.

Last thing worth mentioning - the tips themselves are visibly thinner than the Staedtler Pigment Liners that I usually use (that is, the 0.5s) but the lines they draw appear to be roughly the same weight. Might be that their tips are a little more flexible.

Getting Your Work Critiqued

Having your work reviewed by others is critical, as those who are just starting out aren't in a position to properly judge their own work, and won't be for quite some time. Don't be afraid to show your struggles - it's by analyzing your mistakes that we can help you grow. Perfect homework is not what we're looking for; we just need it to be complete.

There are currently two places you can get your work critiqued by the community - Reddit and our Discord Chat Server.

Both of these are completely free.

Private Patreon Critiques

If you are interested in receiving extra help, I critique the work of those who support Drawabox on Patreon.

All of these private critiques are done through reddit, in specific threads where students post their work as a comment, including a link to their work (often hosted on Imgur, though most image hosts are okay).

My requirements are more strict than the free community critiques:

  • You must complete the lessons in order, in their entirety, starting from lesson 1
  • All work for the lesson must be completed - that means all exercises in the lesson, not just those in a given section
  • You may only move onto the next lesson once the previous has been marked complete
  • The work must be done in the tools recommended in the lesson

The minimum pledge for this lesson is $3.00/month. The orange button above will take you to the reddit thread for this lesson, you can post a link to your work there and I'll be notified. Once I catch the submission, I'll add it to this backlog spreadsheet.

Pledges are collected at the beginning of the following month, but you may start submitting your work immediately. If you're a new patron, I'll be reaching out to your shortly to collect your reddit username.

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