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Having trouble coming up with something to draw? No worries - while you'll eventually learn how to start from a tiny seed of a thought and gradually nurture it into a complex concept to explore through design and illustration, it's perfectly fine not to be there just yet.

For now though, here's an idea that might interest you.

Serious Situation but it's Muppets

"May I be damned!" cried Ivan as he cradled his son, whose glass eyes had already glazed over in unconsciousness. Blood trickled falteringly from the wound at his scalp, soaking into the fleece of his skin. Ivan's soft, bulbous nose pressed his heir's damp brow, the gravity of his crime dawning upon him. In his arms, the future of his kingdom sagged limply, for he was a puppet and had no bones.

There are few paintings as sobering as Ilya Repin's "Ivan the Terrible and his Son Ivan," with that hauntingly empty stare, the utter awareness of what he has done, and that it can never be undone. But ask yourself this one question: What if they were muppets?

Choose or devise a serious event, but replace some or all of its characters with muppets. Whether you want to lean towards the juxtaposition of serious and absurd, or keep it all buttoned up and as serious as possible, the choice is entirely in your soft, puppet hands.

Note that our general community guidelines against inflammatory, controversial, or otherwise offensive content still applies.

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Pentel Pocket Brush Pen

This is a remarkable little pen. I'm especially fond of this one for sketching and playing around with, and it's what I used for the notorious "Mr. Monkey Business" video from Lesson 0. It's incredibly difficult to draw with (especially at first) due to how much your stroke varies based on how much pressure you apply, and how you use it - but at the same time despite this frustration, it's also incredibly fun.

Moreover, due to the challenge of its use, it teaches you a lot about the nuances of one's stroke. These are the kinds of skills that one can carry over to standard felt tip pens, as well as to digital media. Really great for doodling and just enjoying yourself.

I would not recommend this for Drawabox - we use brush pens for filling in shadow shapes, and you do not need a pen this fancy for that. If you do purchase it, save it for drawing outside of the course.

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