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Having trouble coming up with something to draw? No worries - while you'll eventually learn how to start from a tiny seed of a thought and gradually nurture it into a complex concept to explore through design and illustration, it's perfectly fine not to be there just yet.

For now though, here's an idea that might interest you.

In Memoriam

Loss is difficult, and across the countless cultures humanity has devised over the millennia come equally numerous ways to remember those who have passed on. Many of these involve leaving gifts or tributes - be it at a grave, a designated memorial, or in a sticky puddle of wine poured in libation. When passing through a cemetery, it's not uncommon to see some items left behind by a gravestone. Looking at the objects, have you ever been inclined to guess at the kind of person they were left for? Perhaps amongst the objects themselves hides a clue to who they were.

For this prompt, we will be exploring the idea of a person, but in reverse. Where it is the life one leads and the relationships we foster that determines what will be left in our memory, consider it in the opposite direction. You may choose to design a memorial, a gravesite, a tomb, or other such resting place adorned with leavings and tributes, or you may choose to design the ghost of the character themselves based on a selection of objects that might be left, by which to remember the life they'd led.

Aside: I'll admit that I took some liberties with my example illustration - but remember! These prompts are all a starting point. See where your imagination takes you, and don't be afraid of where it leads.

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The Science of Deciding What You Should Draw

The Science of Deciding What You Should Draw

Right from when students hit the 50% rule early on in Lesson 0, they ask the same question - "What am I supposed to draw?"

It's not magic. We're made to think that when someone just whips off interesting things to draw, that they're gifted in a way that we are not. The problem isn't that we don't have ideas - it's that the ideas we have are so vague, they feel like nothing at all. In this course, we're going to look at how we can explore, pursue, and develop those fuzzy notions into something more concrete.

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