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Having trouble coming up with something to draw? No worries - while you'll eventually learn how to start from a tiny seed of a thought and gradually nurture it into a complex concept to explore through design and illustration, it's perfectly fine not to be there just yet.

For now though, here's an idea that might interest you.

The Good, The Bad, and the Pugly

Daring daylight train robbery, saloon shootouts over poker cheats, the smell of gunpowder at dawn. In the Wild West, you trust no one. The world truly is a litter box, but there's a place there for all of us - including your beloved pets.

Dropped beyond the frontier, what kind of role would they play? Would they don a classic hat and poncho and take their justice at the end of a six shooter's barrel? Would they choose a low profile trade, or go hunting for gold amidst the barren hills and trickling streams? Or perhaps they'd pursue a less honourable place in the world...

There are a lot of options here- illustrate your pet as a wild west character, design their clothing, their means of transportation, their place of business. Alternatively, you could illustrate their daily lives, their conflicts, and more.

This prompt is part of our special "Pet Week" Promptathon, where all of the prompts are themed around our pets. You are encouraged to use your own pet as a focus if you have one, but if not, feel free to use ours! You'll find many photos of our beautiful Sweater Sleeves here - we've been posting one each day for the last six months for just this purpose.

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Steven Zapata's Secrets of Shading

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