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The Goblin Snow Games

As the trees bud once again, and the snows thaw, the armies move. Beneath the hot summer sun, blood is shed. And as the leaves fall and the harvest is brought in by those few, desperate survivors, still raw with the loss of their recent dead.

Winter, however, is special - with the cold and the snow comes stillness and peace. But it is not without its own excitement. Every year, after the first true snowfall takes hold and encases the landscape, the Games begin.

We've taken to referring to them as "The Goblin Snow Games" though not for their specific, unique involvement in its creation. In fact, most historians agree that it was largely a human event that eventually opened the doors to other cultures. Rather, the name comes from the tendency for most players to become distinctly goblin-like in their behaviour as they play.

The Goblin Snow Games are simple - it's a mixture between Capture the Flag and a snowball fight, played out in the vast flat fields surrounding the human capital, between as many teams as are willing to show up. After the first big snowfall, the teams are each given a full week to build their fortifications, and declare their "flag". The only rule is that both the defenses one erects, as well as the part of a weapon that makes contact with the enemy must be made only of snow (no ice - though many will try to sneak it in, risking disqualification).

Despite the being called a flag, anything can be used for this purpose, as long as it represents the honour of those defending it. Back in the Games of '46 a team of orcs decided their flag would be a boulder. While generally considered against the spirit of the games, it was allowed - and their flag was captured by small team of gnomish engineers. The orcs had no trouble breaking into their defenses, but when it came time to carry their flag back... they were unable.

So! It's time for you to participate. The Goblin Snow Games call for heroes, they call for ingenuity, they call for brilliant strategy and calculated tactics. Design a team member, a piece of siege machinery, an example of defenses, or anything else that might be seen on such a bloodless battlefield. Remember - you can go with any fantasy race for this, so go wild!

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