250 Box Challenge

1:11 AM, Saturday August 29th 2020

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Excited to be on this journey with you! In the beginning, I was focused on getting the lines to converge to a VP. Later I started trying to imagine the planes and rotating the page to verify if things diverged, which seems to have helped a bit. On constructive feedback side, I consistently made the front plane diverge and the back top plane converge too quickly for a vertical box tilted down towards the viewer, so I'll have to focus on that. If you think it would be unwise to move forward without taking another stab at some boxes, please let me know!

Thank you for taking a look at my work!

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2:20 PM, Friday September 4th 2020

Good use of hatching, I don't see any mistakes with the converging lines that you yourself didn't catch, and there is clear improvement in line quality and box shape from start to finish comparing the first 50 to the last 50, good work I would say this is completed.

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7:02 PM, Wednesday September 16th 2020

I appreciate the critique!

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