Vanishing points for boxes

1:53 AM, Friday May 8th 2020

Hi everyone, I was just looking at the boxes lesson and I read this line " Your one remaining vanishing point in this scenario is going to be sitting somewhere visible within your composition (rather than being off the page/frame), otherwise things are going to look really weird and distorted." when talking about perspective. If this is the case, why in the organic perspective, or 250 box challenge draw with all vanishing points outside of the page?

Or am I missing something, like we should be drawing those boxes in 1/2/3 point perspective?

Thanks for the help!

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5:06 PM, Friday May 8th 2020
edited at 5:18 PM, May 8th 2020

You can have one vanishing point inside the page while drawing in 3 point perspective:

These are tricky to do properly though. One of the angles of the initial Y shape need to be close to (but still greater than) 90 degrees. And two sets of parallel lines need to be nearly parallel (but not actually parallel). This puts two of the vanishing points very far away (but not necessarilly at infinity). Which conversely makes the remaining vanishing point to be closer to the box.

If you are thinking "but that looks like 1 point perspective" you are indeed correct. 1 point perspective is just 3 point perspective with a certain specific configuration of vanishing points. So you can approximate both, 1-point and 2-point perspective, while still using the Y method and drawing in 3-point perspective.

But having more than one vanishing point inside the page at the same time will probably cause distortion.

edited at 5:18 PM, May 8th 2020
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2:35 PM, Friday May 8th 2020


the sentence you are citing apply for 1-point perspective not perspective generally. It is explained in this paragraph how it came to be from 2-poitn perspective.

In case of Organic Perspective or 250 boxes it is recommended to draw most of the boxes in 3-point perspective.

The farther VP's are placed the shallower (less dramatic) perspective is. And this is recommended for Organic and for most of 250 boxes.


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