Should i draw ellipses in the same direction just rotating the piece of paper?

2:59 AM, Sunday August 9th 2020

In exercises on the line, it is advised to draw lines in the opposite direction, so as not to complicate your life and continue to do the lessons. Just rotate the sheet of paper and you will get lines at any angle. Should I apply the same principle to drawing ellipses?

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9:49 PM, Sunday August 9th 2020

For drawing lines, yep, rotate the page to make it the easiest the draw the line, and the same goes for ellipses

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7:23 AM, Monday August 10th 2020

totally apply it to drawing ellipses, it totally helps out with the drawing lines at various angles

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1:42 PM, Thursday August 13th 2020

You should definitely rotate the page, for your own comfort. I must say that while rotating the page gives you more comfort, I'm also trying to draw different lines and ellipses keeping the page straight. I just feel like it helps.

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