Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes

6:23 PM, Tuesday June 28th 2022

Draw box lesson 1 - Google Drive

Draw box lesson 1 - Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1PcpZ50McMAtB_6gQ0txofpM7ZA2MNGVU?usp=sharing


Completed lesson 1, also I am sorry since my fineliner broke ordered new one and has yet to come, so i completed with ball pen.

Thank you

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7:11 PM, Tuesday June 28th 2022

Lines look very confident. Make sure when drawinf elipses you go trough them at 2 times.But in these early stages I'd recomend go over the elipses at least 3 times just build the mussle memory. Make sure to ghost the elipses first then go over them 2 or more times but don't over do it. Remember the horizontal lines of the boxes are paralell to the horizon and the vertical lines are perpendicular to the horizon line. Rotated boxes look slick. I'm very jealous of them by the way.

So, I'd highly recomend 250 boxes challenge and make sure to do your daily warmups exercises.

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2:51 AM, Thursday June 30th 2022

whaaaatt my rotated boxes look slick. and here i though i did bad..... ahhh i think too much but from the bottom of my heart thanx for the reply and thanx for the heads up as well and to the point critique.

arigato gosaimas

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9:14 PM, Thursday June 30th 2022

Your lines throughout these exercises are looking great! Rather consistently confident and accurate. There is occassional wobble and hesitation that I noticed when you were in rough perspective, but it happens, we're not aiming for perfection, it's just something to keep in mind! Always thinking about confidence and follow through. Hope you get your fineliner in, and if you can have some extras for backup! you'll be going through them I have no doubt.

Just as Farhanthenerd suggests I recommend moving on to 250 boxes Challenge! Good luck on your progress.

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Move forward to 250 box challenge

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2:20 PM, Friday July 1st 2022

thank you for the encouragment sir. i will try my best and have already started the 250 box i must say this is by far the best community in art hope it becomes a staple in my lifetime.

Arigato Gosaimas

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