250 Box Challenge

6:55 PM, Monday March 14th 2022

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I'm all done :D

I initially made corrections to my lines, but I stopped after box 139 because I got tired of how messy the corrections made my boxes look and I wanted to finish the pages faster; I decided to just try to do better on each next box.

I feel I've improve at estimating where the vanishing point is based on the trajectory of the other lines, and I'm also a bit better at planning my lines before drawing them.

I found there were certain orientations of boxes that I struggled with more than others; so sometimes I focused on those ones and did them repeatedly.

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11:06 PM, Thursday March 17th 2022

Hi there, I'll be handling your box challenge critique.

Congratulations on completing the box challenge, it's definitely a lot more work than most people expect. Not only does it help deepen your understanding of important concepts but it shows your desire to learn as well. Be proud of what you've accomplished and that desire you've shown. That being said I'll try to keep this critique fairly brief so you can get working on the next steps as soon as possible.

Things you did well:

  • Good work drawing your construction lines confidently, this keeps your lines smooth and prevents wobbling.

  • When hatching you're taking the time to space each line evenly which shows that care and thought is being put into each line. This helps your boxes appear solid and tidy rather than rushed.

  • You're doing a great job of experimenting with orientations, and rates of foreshortening. Experimenting is an important habit to build when learning any new skill, it helps form a more well rounded understanding. I hope you'll continue to display and nurture this habit in the future.

Things you can work on:

  • Line weight isn't a requirement of the challenge but I do recommend practicing it in your future attempts. It's an incredibly useful tool but one that people often require a fair bit of mileage before they feel comfortable applying it. The sooner you start to build up that mileage the sooner you'll see better results.

  • I'd like you to experiment with proportions more in the future. Currently most of your boxes are fairly similary shaped, try mixing in some longer/thinner/wider boxes to see how your lines react in different scenarios.

  • There are times when your lines converge in pairs or you attempt to keep your lines a bit too parallel which results in them diverging. This is an example of lines converging in pairs, and this shows the relation between each line in a set and their respective vanishing point. The inner pair of lines will be quite similar unless the box gets quite long and the outer pair can vary a lot depending on the location of the vanishing point. Move it further away and the lines become closer to parallel while moving it closer increases the rate of foreshortening.

The key things we want to remember from this exercise are that our lines should always converge as a set not in pairs, never diverge from the vanishing point and due to perspective they won't be completely parallel.

Overall while you did make a few mistakes your boxes are improving so far and with more mileage you'll continue to become more consistent. That being said I'll be marking your submission as complete and move you on to lesson 2.

Keep practicing previous exercises and boxes as warm ups, and good luck

Next Steps:

Move on to lesson 2.

This critique marks this lesson as complete.
12:53 AM, Friday March 18th 2022

Thanks, Tofu.

I did try to create more bold lines on the outside by altering my pen pressure; it created subtle line-width variation (which is what we're after. Right?). If you zoom into some of my boxes, especially later ones, you should see a subtle difference between inner and outer line weights.

I'll plan to include more diversity into my box proportions, and keep aiming to converge all my lines in sets.

Take care

1:21 AM, Friday March 18th 2022

No problem.

You are correct that we are aiming for subtly and yours happened to be subtle enough that I didn't notice right away, sorry about that. Instead of just relying on pen pressure we usually encourage you to add an extra line over the pre-existing one, pressure can damage nibs over time if you use too much or just may not be as noticeable when applying line corrections over them.

Regardless, I'm glad you attempted to experiment with line weight as well! Be sure to keep experimenting with it, it can be really helpful especially in some of the exercises coming up.

Best of luck again.

12:51 PM, Friday March 18th 2022

Okay, thank you.

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