250 Cylinder Challenge

3:22 AM, Saturday March 28th 2020

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PHEW, took me seven days to complete. Really fun challenge. I definitely feel more comfortable drawing cylinders. Upon review... Pretty sure I spelled challenge wrong on each sheet. Woof. Please ignore lol. C+C most welcome and looking forward to hearing from the community. Thanks!


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12:15 PM, Monday April 27th 2020

Hi there! I finally finished and got critiqued the cylinder challenge so I can get around critiquing this.

First of all congratulations on completing it! I can see you have taken the time to do the line extension in every cylinder, which is a pain in the ass. I think your linework overall improved over the course of the challenge as well.

On your normal cylinders you've done a pretty good job. One thing that I can see, and that you might not be aware of (I wasn't) Is that even if the degree of the ellipses varies, being the ellipse farther away from the viewer wider, the different can't be too high. So you would not see a cylinder starting with a pretty low degree changing to a pretty high degree, there's not much difference normally.

Other thing is that, the ellipses taper towards the side that is farther away from the viewer, because perspective makes things farther away smaller. And other thing is that the degrees, as you are aware, get higher as well, the ellipses are wider.

These 2 things are related, you won't see a cylinder tapering a little bit with a degree change high. If the ellipse almost doesn't taper, then the wider end will be just ever so slightly wider.

I noted this here, hopefully I explained it clearly.

There are a few issues I've noticed, which I think it's important you focus on on your boxes on cylinders.

First one, is that you have some divergences, you're probably aware of them, but I wanna make sure you are aware of it, just in case. Pointed one example here. Just like I noted you can avoid those divergences by making the lines converge. At least they should be able to touch. There is a method of drawing boxes, that if you use you won't make this kind of mistakes if you put in enough time thinking. Scylla covers it on his drawing a box video, so I recommend to watch it to improve your boxes. If you aren't sure about what I'm saying after watching the video, feel free to ask, I'll do my best to explain it.

Another thing is that even if you do the line corrections on almost all the boxes correctly, you make some lines the opposite way sometimes. A trick to do this correctly 100% of the times is to remember that the lines will always be extended away from the center of the initial Y. Noted it here as well, to make it clear.

Lastly, you've done a pretty good job at doing a wide variety of boxes, drawing them big, and at drawing them equilateral, which is one of the objectives of this challenge.

Next Steps:

You've done a pretty good job, so I'm marking this as complete, congratulations on finishing the cylinder challenge and good luck in lesson 6! Keep up the good work!

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2:10 PM, Tuesday April 28th 2020


What's up man! Couple weeks back I realized I was doing the "Silver" challenge and not getting "Gold". I also became a Patron which forced me to start over "sigh". I just completed the 250 box challenge oin "Gold".

Thank you so much for critiquing my work. I am feeling a little discouraged at the moment because I have made so much progress in Silver. At the moment I am pausing on the "Silver" track. Thank you for all your help and insights. It's actually make the "Gold" track go alot quicker.

3:15 PM, Tuesday April 28th 2020

Thats great! I hope you enjoy the official critique on the lessons, it definitely is a pain to start over, but it's super worth! Wish you the best

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