Congrats on finishing lesson one


Superimposed lines look confident.

Ghosted lines look confident, I will say draw the lines a bit faster. There are a little wobbles in your lines. Ghost till confident and commit to the motion. Then execute the line with confident.

Lines in the ghosted planes are confident.


The ellipses are nice and confident. Ghost ellipses until they are confident with the motion. Then drawn them in fully committing to the motion. Table of ellipses looks good, ellipses are touching. Funnels also look good.

Plotted perspective

Plotted perspective looks solid. Consider adding lineweight where boxes overlap.

Rough perspective looks good, keep in mind that the vertical lines of the boxes are perpendicular to the horizon and the horuzontal lines are parallel to the horizon.

Rotated boxes look good. I can see you noted some of your errors. Keep doing that checking cross checking with the lesson.

The organic perspective is also good.

Remember to use the lesson once exercises as warmups.

You can move on to the 250 box challenge