Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes

11:51 AM, Tuesday December 29th 2020

Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses, and Boxes - Album on Imgur

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I have finished Lesson 1 and hoping to hear some critiques and opinions on my assignments.

Lesson 1 helped me be comfortable with my shoulder, made me more confident in my lines, and trained me to be patient with drawing I wouldn't say I've mastered this things but I certainly see improvement in my drawings. I would say I struggled with the last 2 box exercises mostly rotated boxes I was tempted at times to repeat them but from what I learned from repeating the first exercises is it's a waste of time, I would regret repeating them because it doesn't make much of difference I would see a bigger difference when I just accept the mistakes I did in an exercise and move on, I would instead do them as warm-ups every Drawabox session. Also I became a little experimental with the funnels exercise I hope you guys don't mind.

My Critique to myself would be, I become impatient with exercises at times I should take more time with them instead of rushing them and regretting the results, I should ghost more because I would usually get lazy and skip the ghosting at times, and follow the 50 percent rule more as much as possible I would get consumed by the fundamentals at times and forget to draw for the sake of drawing.

Drawabox has been great so far it just feels complete and gives you a clear direction compared to finding myself lost in the thousand of great drawing tutorial videos on the net.

(sorry for the poor grammar guys lmao)

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2:28 PM, Tuesday December 29th 2020

Nicc, nice to see you are making proper use of this course and that it helped you in your art journey. Keep that attitude in mind.

Now, with the analysis:

Your superimposed lines has some curved lines. When making confident strokes, if you begin to see that you are curving them, try curving to the other side, this tends to fix the line. Also, there is a visible wobbliness in the larger lines, this may be because it was harder for you to ghost the lines that much and you lost confidence. This is completely normal, i personally struggled with this too, remember to ghost AS MUCH AS YOU NEED and take your time to attempt the stroke, smooth, confident and in one shot. Another thing i´ll point here is your tendency to follow the previous line, repeating that mistake. This is something unconscious and normal. Get those other lines out of your brain and focus in making another stroke form zero.

Generally speaking, some constructions present some correction lines, Avoid this at all costs, it´s better that you accept the mistake and keep constructing through it.

About the experimentation... YES, WE MIND. There is a specific reason why these lessons has strict instructions, anything you try to do on your own will only set you apart from the main road and you will not learn anything from it. Stick to the instructions written and in video.

Aside of that i don´t see major mistakes here, just minding the distance between each ellipse, wich shouldn´t be below one another, but it´s not too visible.

It´s a shame that the least quality pictures comes with the rough perspective, because these are the best constructions in your submission, although a quite large margin of error, you managed to get them freehanded correctly. Nicely done!

Rotated boxes is generally good except for the ones in the corners and their neighboring ones, make them slide their vp´s across the axis and make their lines converge towards the guiding boxes. Take note how the boxes in the right and left of the origin box becomes rectangular, this is because you made their edges straight, when they should be more diagonal and converging. Also make sure to use and abuse of the neighboring edges.

Organic perspective gets together your major mistakes, the correction lines are distracting and some boxes present incomplete strokes. Luckily 250 challenge will encourage you to overcome this difficulty

Conceptual mistakes

-Some pictures are out of focus. Try to take better quality pictures next time.

-Rotated boxes has some missing lines. Make sure you draw every form and every line.

-Not using fineliner. Funnells and ellipses in ghosted planes has circles drawn in some other pen, the instructions specify the use of ONLY fineliner black ink.

Next Steps:

Grab some snack, get some music, relax, and strive that 250 box challenge with confidence and patience. Make sure you don´t throw additional correction lines.

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5:25 AM, Wednesday December 30th 2020

Thank for your helpful analysis Pluto!

I will take note of the mistakes I did and improve upon them

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