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10:11 AM, Wednesday August 3rd 2022

Hi AHMEDHASSAN021! I'll review your work.


Not bad, but I see some wobbliness, so try to draw more confidently. Also, in Superimposed Lines, I wouldn't recommend drawing everything from the same line, as it can be more confusing than a single point. I also see some small lines you probably did while ghosting next to the lines you drew. This is not much of a problem but keep it in mind and don't put your pen on the paper until you want to draw the line.

Additionally, I would suggest you try to draw different planes. Yours look too similar to one another and too squared. Try placing the four points like the example page.


Not much to say about them, they are great. Just some common mistakes that will dissapear with practice. Especially keeping ellipses within the bound and


I like them but I see some problems. Firstly, the line weight, it should be done with more confidence and not so hard in the internal lines of the box. In Rotated Boxes the gap between boxes should be narrower. And in Rough Perspective many of the lines have mistakes you didn't have previously. That shows that more time can be put in ghosting the lines.

Next Steps:

Keep working on the exercises in warm-ups and tackle the 250 boxes challenge. Have fun drawing!

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10:03 PM, Wednesday August 3rd 2022

thanks bro for your feedback but i dont understand

in Superimposed Lines,

I wouldn't recommend drawing everything from the same line

i already done the 250 box


2:18 PM, Thursday August 4th 2022

The Superimposed Lines thing was just a recommendation, nevermind. I just think is better to spread the lines across the page, because you left a lot of uncovered space.

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