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4:02 AM, Wednesday February 22nd 2023

Hello Himanknyx, I will be offering some critique today.

First off, your organic intersections look pretty nice. Every line is very smooth and confident, and the shadows are pretty decent. The only problem is that the shadows seem to be very inconsistent, as if the light source is not properly defined in a scene. When drawing cast shadows, you sould imagen the light source as coming from one direction, in order to make them more realistic. Here is an image I made showing you what I mean: https://imgur.com/a/UvwOahU

Now, lets get to the animal drawings. These are pretty solid looking (literally)! You never undermine the construction of any forms, and you seem to have a pretty good understanding of how these forms interact in 3d space. Nice work!

I can see that one thing you are struggling with is the construction of the paws. I would say that it is best to construcitg paws and feet using boxier forms, like in this bear demo.

https://imgur.com/B7ysP7X .

Great job, and move on to the 250 cylinders!

Next Steps:

Do the 250 cylinder challenge!

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9:04 AM, Wednesday February 22nd 2023
edited at 9:13 AM, Feb 22nd 2023

Thank you soon much for your valuable critique! If you don't mind I hope you can answer some doubts of mine

Like in first case where you responded that one light source coming from one direction should be considered, but when do ne so the shadows don't follow the curve of the mass underneath, or do they?

I was also quite shocked and happy to see that you considered my animal exercise solid!! ( I was expecting some more errors besides paws to be there)

When ever I drew the animal from reference I usually measured its proportion taking head as base, and when I tried to add some mass I think that both the additional mass and underneath one are bags full of wheat and will sag downwards,

Just like when MC punches the villian, the way he bends forward something like that

is it a good thinking or should I make adjustments.

(And a quick note : completed my 150 cylinders only 100 left???? )

Once again thank s for your response

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4:09 AM, Thursday February 23rd 2023
edited at 4:11 AM, Feb 23rd 2023

The shadows do follow the curve of the mass underneath even when the light is coming from one light source. Im not sure how to properly explain this to you using words or images, so maybe mess around with a flashlight in the dark to see how cast shadows always adhere to the forms under them.

Your animal drawings are good, and I am not sure what you mean by when MC punches the villian, but it sounds to me like you are applying a sense of force and gravity in your drawings which is good. Force and gravity are great things to do so yes, it is good thinking.

Happy to help, and sorry if i misunderstood anything. If you are still confused I can try to explain some things in more detail but I am not sure how well I can do.

edited at 4:11 AM, Feb 23rd 2023
4:46 AM, Thursday February 23rd 2023

Looks like I have to start a quest of finding the treasures during night using a flashlight lol!

When I said that Main character punches the villian , I want to bring home the idea how villian sag and bends (due to the pain he felt,) downwards when an external force or mass disturbs it's initial stage like how the additional mass sags and wraps the underneath mass when dropped as if that mass below is punching it to bend and wrap it!

(Looks like you don't watch much of a shonen mangas , do you?)

And you don't misunderstand anything so rest assured! Thanks for reply

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