Lesson 3: Applying Construction to Plants

8:17 AM, Monday March 20th 2023

Lesson 3 Homework - Plants - Album on Imgur

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Hi there! I wasn't too happy with how I did for this lesson but I know I shouldn't focus on re-doing stuff too much. I've posted 4 of the demos and 6 other plants I found along with the rest of the homework. I did re-do two pages of branches as well since I wasn't happy with them either. >.<

To whoever will be reviewing, thank you for looking at my work! Appreciate you giving your time for this! :)

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2:15 PM, Thursday May 25th 2023

Hello! I'm gonna do the critique on video so I don't hurt my wrist too much, if you can't hear something well or want me to explain something else please tell me! Here's the crit

Grats and good luck on lesson 4!

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Lesson 4

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4:59 PM, Sunday May 28th 2023

Hi Elodin! Thanks so much for taking the time to review my homework! I'll keep in mind the tips you mentioned including the one about getting my elipses' major axis more perpendicular instead of tilting them like I did sometimes. That seems like a major miss by me in not paying attention to the basics! >.<

Once again, thanks a lot since I know you have a lot of work on your plate! I particularly liked your little doodle of a face to show how perspective works. :)

Appreciate all the work you do! Have a great day! :)

9:14 PM, Sunday May 28th 2023

no worries and good luck!

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