hmm, good thing that you stopped grinding after the ellipses in planes or else you'd get a beating >:), kidding aside avoid grinding though as it can hinder your progress, you can do some of those exercises that you already finished, in your 10-15 minutes warm-up.

anyways, hi, i'll be the one critiquing you for today and hopefully i'll be able to provide a helpful but on-point critique,

  • starting off with your superimposed lines exercises, i expected that in your first attempts your lines are much more loose but it's mostly compacted and thin i can also sense the confidence in each stroke, you also varied your lines with waves and spirals, plus there's only fraying in one end so it just means that you've followed the instructions by heart, so great work!

  • next up is your ghosted lines, most of it are pretty smooth and confidently marked! although accuracy isn't the most important here it seems that in some of your lines, you may have hesitated in which it gave off some very subtle wavy lines. try not to overthink that much about your markmaking, ghost how many times as you want and always prioritize confidence over accuracy, in your warm-ups you can try ghosting in different speeds and if you find one speed that you're comfortable with that you're both confident and not overthink that much in your markmaking, then that's great.

  • and lastly in the lines section, the ghosted planes exercise, although if i'm a bit nitpicky there are some wobbly lines in some planes here and there but for the most part i have no comment since i think that you did a wonderful job here.

next up is the ellipse section

  • in all of your exercises in the ellipse section you've kept drawing through your ellipses for 2-3 times while maintaining confidence so great work, and so starting off with your table of ellipse, there's variation in the degree of your ellipses plus the rotation for it, and you've also kept all of your ellipses fit and snug, but some of your ellipses are somewhat wonky which means that there's still some hesitation happening in there, keep in mind that you can ghost how many times you'd want to, and best to prioritize confidence over accuracy.

  • ghosted planes w/ ellipses - confidence is still in here and you followed the instruction of drawing through each of your ellipse 2-3 times, nicely done

  • funnels - you've once again abide by the instructions in which you have the degree change as the ellipse goes to the farther end of the funnel, you've also drawn through each ellipse 2-3 times, and the centerline that you've place there bisects all of the ellipses cutting it in 2 symmetrical halves while keeping each ellipse snug in the funnel, it should've been hard for you but you've nailed it.

now in to the last section BOXES heh you'll have a fun time doing the 250 box-challenge, anyways

  • starting off with your plotted perspective exercise - you seem to take your time and plot each individual line to it's corresponding vanishing point one thing that caught my eye, which is mainly in the first and 2nd panel is the hatching lines, note the hatching lines should be tight, parallel, consistent hatching lines and it should also feel as if it's resting on the plane of a box and arbitrarily floating on it/ above it or inside it.

  • for the rough perspective exercise, i can see you using non-commital marks, you've also kept your horizontal lines parallel to your horizon line, and your vertical lines perpendicular to it, and lastly you've drawn your correction lines towards the horizon line and not to the vp, nice work.

  • in the rotated boxes, although there is hatching lines and line-weight for the planes that's facing the viewer, however, there is no rotation of the boxes as it turns away from the viewer, also in the page it said that the gap must be kept narrow and consistent, don't forget that you can still place dots to check whether or not the gap is narrow or consistent, also one source that was from reddit that user paul-a-saurus shared is this: (just zoom in to be able to read the content here.)

  • lastly onto your organic perspective, well um firstly i have not seen you do any line repeatings for all of the exercises that you've done, which is quite surprising since it's a very common beginner mistake but anyways, for the organic perspective you've also done a wonderful job here as the boxes going towards the viewer is much bigger compared to the boxes farther from the viewer, this gives off the illusion of depth, one thing that i'd like to see is for you to experiment with the orientation and rotation of the boxes more.

but nevertheless this was a very solid submission, although i do think that there's still room for some improvement, you've done your very best to stick with what was instructed and nailed it most of the time, anyways i'll go ahead and mark this as complete and so good luck with the 250 box-challenge