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11:15 AM, Wednesday August 11th 2021

Hello, I'm Sagan. Congratulations on finishing Lesson 1! Let's start, shall we?


  • Superimposed Lines: Slight wobbling and arching but it's not very big of a problem. Using shoulder for the first time can be hard. There is fraying on one side but none on your other side, so you took your time before attempting a line. Overall, very good!

  • Ghosted Lines: Confident strikes! There is a barely visible arching and some wobble though nothing a practice can't fix. Some overshot and undershot here and there but the important thing was the confidence, and I believe you achieved it.

I recommend you add this exercise to your future warm-ups, so you can build up some accuracy.

  • Ghosted Planes: It looks like you forgot the bissect the planes! I recommend you to read Ghosted Planes exercise carefully again while doing your warm-ups. I see some wobble at the insertion points so you sacrificed some confidence for some accuracy. Although I will not ask you to do this exercise again. Fixing your forgotten line mistake in your previous exercise and being mindful of your mistakes in the future warm-ups will suffice.

I recommend you add this exercise to your future warm-ups.


  • Table of Ellipses: Unfortunately, I want you to do this exercise one more again... There are some issues with your ellipses. First of all, you didn't draw them through twice! You have to do two full motion when you are drawing your ellipses. Secondly, you didn't draw them confidently, hence the "egg shape". Lastly, I didn't like row 4 and 5 in your first page and row 4 in your secong page: You have to aim for the lower and upper lines so you can practice some accuracy, but drawing random circles that float in the middle will not help you in accuracy.

I recommend you to do two pages of "table of ellipses". Please absorb the material carefully and watch the videos. If you read them througly you will also see where your mistakes are.

  • Ellipses in Planes: The same mistakes as above. You didn't draw them twice, although your accuracy was good here.

I recommend you to do one page of "Ellipses in Planes". Again, read the material again but only main mistake was not drawing over your ellipses twice.

  • Funnels: Again, same mistakes as above.

I recommend you to do one page of "Funnels"


  • Plotted Perspective: Nothing to say here, just one box went to wrong vanishinhg point but rest is fine.

  • Rough Perspective: Don't draw over your mistakes! I see some you tried to fix, but it only makes it more apparent. Just draw a line and stick with it, even if it's wrong. Secondly, you were little hesitant in here, I see some wobbling in your lines. But I believe you got the idea of this exercise.

I recommend you to add this exercise to your warm-up. Please read through the material once and slash your lines with confidence. Overshot lines are better than wobbly ones!

  • Rotated Boxes: I believe you rushed through this one... You didn't use lines as your pivot points and didn't give yourself enough time to think what your boxes are supposed to be. But I know that how frustrating and long this exercise is. So here, an optional one for you:

I recommend you, optionally, to do this page once again. Try to think what your boxes supposed to be and use your former boxes to guide you where your boxes should be. I am not asking you to do this "good", I'm asking you to do this "correctly". Please read through the material once again and absorb it. I reccomend you to add this exercise to your future warm-ups!

  • Organic Perspective: This one is not bad. You rushed through your lines and didn't give yourself enough time to think where your next line should be, but there are healthy amounts of intersections and you gave a clear work into this.

I recommend you to add this exercise to your warm-ups

Do warm-ups everyday for 10-15 minutes, if you provide the 4 more pages you will be ready to tackle the 250 boxes challenge. Let me know when you are done!

Next Steps:

I recommend you to do:

  • 2 pages of "Table of Ellipses"

  • 1 page of "Ellipses in Planes"

  • 1 page of "Funnels"

When you are done, let me know so I can update my critique.

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
2:36 PM, Saturday August 28th 2021

i want to thank you very much you cant imagine how the feedback make me feel her is https://imgur.com/a/QxN9edI 4 pages

i have seen it 14 days ago but i finished aleardy 65 box then i will redraw rotated box and the last lesson

10:38 PM, Sunday August 29th 2021

You are finished with lesson 1, congrats :P

Don't forget your warmups!

Next Steps:

Continue your 250 boxes challenge

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9:17 AM, Wednesday August 11th 2021

My English is not good enough, i hope it is not a wall between us.

Your Ellipses need to be lined 2 time before you pick up your pen. Any other your exercise is good, just keep going to 250 Box Challenge.

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