Hello. This is my first time giving a critique, though I'll try my best.

Good job on completing Lesson 1. This is an obstacle that most people would never get past.

1. Lines

Well done! Absolutely no real issues here.

2. Ellipses

No issues here.

3. Boxes

Plotted Perspective

Mostly fine, though you should really fill all 3 frames on the entire page with boxes (you only drew 4).

Rough Perspective

Do 1 more full page.

Rotated Boxes

Perfectly fine.

Organic Perspective

Do 1 more full page.


(Rough Perspective) As stated here we aren't plotting these correction lines back to the VP. We're drawing our lines to be consistent with the edges that are meant to converge towards the vanishing point.

Overall, great job on Lines and Ellipses. Go back and draw a few more Boxes, though.