Lesson 2: Contour Lines, Texture and Construction

7:23 PM, Thursday February 3rd 2022

Drawabox Lesson 2 assignments - Album on Imgur

Imgur: https://imgur.com/gallery/m0OgZxl

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am finally done with lesson 2 assignments I really had a hard time with it because am having my exam very soon, don't know yet if i might put a stop on the lesson for now and resume back to it after am done with my exam. I'll try my best tho, I'll love to have some quick critics on it guys so that I'll be moving on to the next lesson.

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7:33 AM, Monday February 7th 2022

On your organic arrows, the line quality needs some work as there are a lot of wobbly lines. The hatching is also a mistake because the space between each line is not gradually getting bigger. Refer to this link for the hatching: https://imgur.com/a/amHVxsv. Other than that, some of the arrows aren't showing the illusion of being close and being far away and it looks like they're viewed directly from the side but, it does look like you exerted the effort to apply what you've learned.

Your organic forms also has some issues where the contour ellipses aren't changing degrees. These ellipses are the most essential part of selling the illusion of a 3D object in a 3D space. Refer to this link(https://imgur.com/a/T60fmuQ) on what I mean and I also added some extra notes on the left and rightmost ellipses.

The only issue I have with your texture analysis is that the left side isn't dark enough. The black bar to the left should be a part of your texture. An example would be this image from the lesson: https://d15v304a6xpq4b.cloudfront.net/lesson_images/7d1f3467.jpg. Because the left side isn't dark enough, the gradual change from dark to light isn't noticeable. Although some textures doesn't have to have some gradiation from light to dark, you should sometimes make the texture on the center of the organic form a bit lighter to practice making the cast shadows less visible as it's facing the light such as this image:https://d15v304a6xpq4b.cloudfront.net/lesson_images/b3b5d39c.jpg. You can also refer to this image for your hair texture because it's more than a single line for a strand of hair. Your work in textures show that you're putting the effort to look for and understand the cast shadows of the texture. You will have more opportunities to practice on the 25 textures challenge.

I could see that you're having difficulty on the first page of your form intersections as the hatching and the intersection lines have mistakes and the intersections of forms are unclear. But as you progress, you started to add hatching on the flat sides of the cylinders and cones and the intersection lines greatly improved. It shows that you have understood how forms intersect and how to make it clear to the viewer. Your organic intersections shows that you have a better understanding of how the contour lines should look on a soft and flexible form. Although, the line quality could use some work.

Next Steps:

Overall, you have made progress from start to finish. But there is a problem in which you did not practice drawing the contour lines properly on the organic forms. Because of that, I will need you to redo the two pages of organic forms with the contour lines changing degrees based on how the organic form bends.

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
9:52 PM, Monday February 7th 2022

thanks so much for the critics, here's the revision, https://imgur.com/gallery/oJdxjHG

4:57 AM, Tuesday February 8th 2022

It looks much better than your previous submission. I can see that you understand how the forms bend and I can only advise you to work on the ellipses on your warm-ups because you're gonna need it for drawing branches on lesson 3.

Next Steps:

Move on to lesson 3 but if you have the time, try to work on the 25 texture challenge in parallel with the lessons you're working on because you're gonna start texturing plants and bugs on the future.

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5:24 AM, Tuesday February 8th 2022

okay, I'll do that thanks

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