I found some pens that weren't on Unfortable's list. What's your opinion on them?

9:07 AM, Wednesday June 16th 2021

So I went on a bit of a detour comming back from the libary to WHSmiths where I finally found some Uni PIN fineliners for sale for £2.99 for a single. 0.5mm to boot! I tried ghosting a line on the little post-it notes the provide for you and it felt alright. Only problem is Uni isn't on Comfy's list of reccomended brands and even if they're good I'm not even sure if I'm getting a good deal on them.

Dose anyone use Unis? If so how good are they in the long term and how much did you pay for them?

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10:58 AM, Wednesday June 16th 2021

So long as they are fineliners they are ok and produce a good, black line they are fine. Some cheap ones like Wilkinsons are a bit scratchy.

I would say that they seem quite expensive. I buy these Pentel ones off of Ebay and they work well and are a fair bit cheaper ( £16 for 12 ). Worth buying a pack if you are committed to the course as you will go through a few. You can get the Unipin ones cheaper on Ebay too.


1:45 PM, Wednesday June 16th 2021

I'll keep this in mind and get one of each to see how they compare.

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9:41 PM, Friday June 18th 2021

I LOVE them, i think i get finer and better marks than I do with other fineliners. I paid about $2 per pen, and even though I've just started I'm confident they'll last for a while, so I think they'd work great for any of the lessons.

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