Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes

6:00 AM, Wednesday May 13th 2020

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I posted for review months ago on the reddit sub, but no one has commented. I went to do the 250 box challenge and just finished it today. I will posting that for review before moving on to starting lesson 2 (most likely I'll wait a week and then if no reply just start the next lesson anyway).

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11:08 PM, Monday May 18th 2020

I believe that excluding the tools used, your work with this lesson is pretty well done. Next time try to stick with a fineliner or if you can't find one, a ballpoint pen. Always use the same color unless specified by the exercise. I'll mark this submission complete since other reviews didn't.

Good luck!

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250 box challenge then lesson 2

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5:04 AM, Tuesday May 19th 2020

I used the specified fineliners (Staedtler triplus fineliner in 0.5mm) as mentioned to the other poster. I think the confusion comes from my tight grip of the pen and how I find myself pushing too hard down on the paper (maybe it makes the lines look a lot thicker). Sorry about the color switch up. I started running out of ink in the pen I was using half way through the page. Thanks for the feedback!

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3:43 PM, Wednesday May 13th 2020
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I'm working on these myself, but here is what I see. If someone more knowledgable has ideas, please chime in.

I'm guessing that you are using the tools you have available, but with the light blue marker is hard to tell if you have done these correctly.



On these, the lines lack some confidence. There's wobble in your line. Maybe try focusing on fluid smooth strokes. Also, make sure you are using your shoulder. This wobble could also be caused by using your hand and wrist too much to control.




Again, line confidence on the boxes container and the ellipse needs some improvement.



That's as far as I've gone, so I can't give you reliable advice for the rest of your work. Overall, I think you have made good progress, but need to work a little on smoothness and quality of line.

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5:01 AM, Tuesday May 19th 2020

I use the exact fineliners specified. I just have them in all the colors, but black. Sorry for the confusion. All of my work is done using the 0.5mm Staedtler Triplus Fineliners. Doing the box challenge, which I will post later, showed me the lack of confidence in my stroke and it's what I dedicate most of my time to correcting as well as my need to grip the pen tightly. Thanks for the feedback!

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1:42 PM, Wednesday May 13th 2020

Hi Wickerhat,

I decided to comment your homework. In note you put that you've done this lesson 1 month ago. You should get more experience in this time.

My advice is to remake this homework. Focus on pages where you see your mistakes. Make less shapes on page (like 4-8 shapes per page) but instead of it focus on quality of lines. If you will see progress and that you understand why, then go for next lesson.

I hope my advice will be helpful for you and that will make you drawing better and more enjoyable.

5:07 AM, Tuesday May 19th 2020

I was wondering if you could explain more the specifics of the critics you have? I know I made mistakes with not using my shoulders enough, not having confidence in my lines, and gripping the pen too tight, but I'm not sure if this is the same mistakes you see.

Which pages do you think I should remake? Which did I particularly fail on? What were my most common mistakes? I'm typically very hard on myself about my progress and so to me everything is a mistake. If you narrow it down, it can drown out the noise. I look forward to hearing your feedback.

12:23 PM, Tuesday May 19th 2020

My point of my feedback was to get you know your own mistakes. Like you wrote there were some problems, which you understand and i hope you are working on them.

For that what i was looking for it was confidence of your lines( look ghost planes, ghost lines exercise).

So far i see you already got you badge, its no point marking this as a completed. If you would wrote me this reply faster i would make this to let you get faster your badge.

I hope my replay that was it what have you looked and i am sorry for my lack of examples in my previous feedback.

Have fun and keep working with exercises from lesson 1 as a warm up to improve your skill even better.

7:51 PM, Saturday May 23rd 2020

Thanks for the reply! I am adding the exercises from lesson 1 as a part of my warm ups. I will be sure to focus on being more confident in my lines.

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