(When) Should I Redo the Texture Analysis Homework?

2:08 PM, Friday February 9th 2024

I accidentally applied cross-hatching to the "crumpled paper" part of the exercise. When I realized this, I decided to use the correct shading method for the shadow to light part. Because of the error, I might have to start over on this assignment, which I am completely fine with. But I don't know when I should. Should I turn in the assignment for critique and then redo the exercise? Or should I complete the drawings and the redo them before the critique?

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2:57 PM, Friday February 9th 2024

You should be turning the assignment in with whatever mistakes arose from the approach you employed when completing the work. Some mistakes will incur revisions, others may simply be noted without revisions (or if the issue isn't as significant as you may think, or is clearly addressed in later instances of the exercise, it may not be given any attention at all). The key point here is that you don't make that choice yourself, and moreover, that having our mistakes reach that critique phase is going to have a more lasting impact on whether or not we are likely to repeat them. When we're able to simply redo the work in secret, it's a lot easier for the brain to disregard that it ever happened. Whereas, if they're called out by someone else, we are forced to face them more directly.

It's similar to why we ask students not to self critique when submitting their work. We learn best from our mistakes when they are pointed out to us.

3:09 PM, Tuesday February 13th 2024

Thank you for the advice and explanation!

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