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6:10 AM, Thursday February 13th 2020

Alrighty! So I'll look at your parts 2 and 3, then~

Not that there's a lot to say about them, haha, this is a near-flawless submission. Really, the only thing that I'd like to point out is the line-weight, on your organic perspective exercise. It should be applied locally (to parts of the line, rather than the entirety of it- in this case, the parts that are overlapping something, + a bit further, for effect), and only to the silhouette (never to the inner lines, as that makes the box look more like a collection of lines, than a box.) Also, be a little more subtle with it- a single superimposed line will do, a lot of the time. If it helps, here it is, in one of my recent daily's: https://imgur.com/a/hdEFnmM

Anyway; once again, fantastic job, and good luck in the box challenge!

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250 Box Challenge

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7:49 AM, Thursday February 13th 2020


Thank you so much for your critique!

Your advice is really constructive to me and the picture you shared really illustrates the point👍👍

many many thanks!

8:51 AM, Thursday February 13th 2020

I agree with BenJ, really great job!

Good luck for the boxes!

9:12 AM, Thursday February 13th 2020


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