Heyo I'm AGES and ill be critiquing your work today


SuperImposed: great i dont see any wobbling and while near the bottom (2nd page) i see some lines that are fraying most of your lines are very accurate nice job

Ghosted: occasionally i see alittle bit of overshooting in this case lift your pen as soon as you hit the dot although this will need some practice i also see alittle bit of wobbling which i can tell was because poor ghosting but overall your lines are confident and mostly accurate

Ghosted Planes: same as above albeit i do some wobbling at the bottom which could result from weird positioning and poor ghosting make sure to thoughtfully ghost through your lines as unconsciously ghosting can result in not actually ghosting to the point, realizing and then poorly ghosting and being unconfident although maybe that's just me overall good work


Tables of Ellipses: good work overall i see little to no aggressive overlapping against the bounds you do have some ellipses that dont reach the bounds and thats results in gaps

Planes & Ellipses: same as above small overlapping and undershooting but overall good

Funnels: these are always the hardest to critique as my eyes always play tricks on me personally speaking but regardless they generally look pretty good they're centered in the minor axis although near the bottom i do see some miscentering but overall same as above confident accurate ellipses


Plotted: there is little to nothing to note here as this is just a introduction to vps and 3d space good job

Rough: about that note you put dont grind just post the work you have intially so it can critiqued you'll burn out after constantly grinding out a single exercise. As for your boxes there generally pretty fine no guessing and width lines go parallel to the horizon and height perpendicular also you're lines arent bad its comedic in a way because worrying about how your lines are is actually going to mess them up you're going to be less confident resulting in wobbling

Rotated boxes: you did your best everybody struggles with these even just a little bit overall make sure to keep corners in your boxes close make them snuggly and make the boxes actually rotate (which you did fairly okay with albeit some mistakes) boxes vps will shift against the horizon line when they are rotating creating a new convergence rate


Organic Perspective: did okay albeit some wobbly lines and perspective jank not going to hard into this as the 250 boxes challenge with solve most of these issues

Notes: although not a mistake i wouldn't recommend putting your exercises in boxes like you did with the organics and rough's as it will make perspective way more difficult to eyeball