Lesson 3: Applying Construction to Plants

7:43 AM, Wednesday June 22nd 2022

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9:15 AM, Friday July 1st 2022
edited at 9:32 AM, Jul 1st 2022

Hi, this is mina today I will be the one to Critique your work

Before starting I would like to congratulate you on finishing the plants part


For the organic arrows, I have nothing to say other than that you did a great job with some scribbles here and there but overall you did a great job

for theLeaves exercise, everything was just great the direction of the starting arrows and how you put everything together was just perfect.

The Branches exercise is good but I can see some scribbles that I believe you should've avoided as mentioned in the video.

plant drawings nothing to say other than that the construction is perfect and not to forget to mention that the Branches have improved and I can no longer see the scribbles so I can say that you have got more confident in your marks and that's just what everyone is aiming for

thanks for your hard work wish you all the best for the next lesson

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Lesson 4

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edited at 9:32 AM, Jul 1st 2022
6:51 AM, Monday July 4th 2022

Thank you for your critique and feedback.

In the branches exercise my fine liner was failing so I had to replace it going forward. Thanks again for critique and I move forward with the 250 cylinder challenge and then lesson 4.

5:21 PM, Monday July 4th 2022

no problems if the problem is from the pen then that's fine and as I mentioned it was fixed in the plant's drawing part

For the 250 cylinder challenge, I believe you should wait until you finish lesson 5

(Even better, hold off until you're done lesson 5) this sentence is from the challenge page.

Wish you all the best with your drawing journey

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