First of all your organic forms with contour lines are good and consistent for the most part, most of them fitting them snugly on the silhouette, but you can definitely improve the way you construct your sausages as I see a few ones with swellings.

As to your insect construction you handled it pretty well, they do convey a sense of 3D, and you handled the sausage method for the legs pretty well.

But I will emphasize a point here that I think is keeping you from making the most of these.

And that is the fact that these are exercises, the end result doesn't really matter beyond being something I can use to see the process you used.

I'm only calling that out because there are some cases where you slipped back into form shading (which as discussed in Lesson 2 is not something we'll include in our work for this course).

These are the only things that I notice, honestly you did a great job.