Hello! I'll be doing a critique for your Lesson 1 submission.


Superimposed Lines

Very good! There is little to no fraying on the starting points and on some of the ends of the lines. While doing this exercise with longer lines makes it harder to end at a consistent point; in lines, confidence is more important than accuracy, which I feel is also prevalent in yours.

Ghosted Lines

For your ghosted lines exercise; Good work on being able to successfully connect the starting and ending dots on some of them! Some of the lines may not have landed on the ending dot and/or have a very slight shakiness or arching, but I can feel some confidence in those line strokes; which is more important here than accuracy.

I can notice some slight arching on your lines which are common try to purposely drawing the line at the opposite direction of where you tend to arch the line.

you can review this back on the ghosted lines video or on the lines section for Lesson 1.



Ghosted Planes

I like how you tried to fill up as much space as you can but same minor issues from your ghosted lines are also there. But overall its Good!


Table of Ellipses

Very good! you were able to keep some of the ellipses touching each other and keeping it within the bounds of the table, with little to no overlapping.

Ellipses in Planes

Some of your ellipses in planes go past being drawn through 2-3 times, which makes it harder to distinguish the actual ellipse, and sacrifices the confidence in the lines of the ellipse.

As for accuracy, it's pretty good. Since the majority of the ellipses fall into the middle points of the plane, or with just a little overlap.


Good work on keeping most of the ellipses within the bounds of the funnel!

As for drawbacks, the only major things I see, is the same issues with the prior ellipse exercises, wherein you go beyond 2-3 passes on some of the ellipses


Plotted perspective

Magnificent! This is clean and surely taken the time when this was done! I think most of the boxes looks same size .. try different size and overlapping some boxes together.

Rough Perspective

Same issues from lines exercise, However it looks good to me.

Rotated boxes

Magnificent! the boxes feel as though they are rotating and you are able to have that spherical effect.

Organic Perspective

The drawbacks I see, is that on some tables, the farther box is bigger than the actual box that is closer in space to the viewer, which can cause some confusion, so do bear in mind the direction and flow of the boxes. And I see the same problems from the rough perspective on your lines. Please remember to apply the ghosting lines method when drawing the boxes.

Add this lesson in your warm-ups and 50% rule is hardest for me too but its worth it do. Participate in Promptathon its great for 50% rule.


I believe the 250 boxes challenge should set things right for these problems so as long as your mindful of not repeating them again and take the time to improve :)