250 Box Challenge

12:56 AM, Friday April 23rd 2021

Draw a Box…Iro - Album on Imgur

Direct Link: https://i.imgur.com/RDGAEcb.jpg

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After a long break and the problems of life.

I finally finished the 250 boxes. I'm waiting for your return to move on to the next step!

Thanks to you !

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6:50 AM, Friday April 23rd 2021
edited at 6:51 AM, Apr 23rd 2021
  1. Extending Lines in The Wrong Direction

A small issue which is only present in your early boxes, though it can make a big difference when reviewing what's wrong with your boxes. Always be mindful of that.

  1. Diverging Lines and Parallel Lines

Your diverging lines are pretty rare and are only prominent in your early boxes but you seem to have a good number of parallel lines with your boxes which is impossible for boxes in 3 point perspective. Be aware of that fact when constructing boxes

  1. Internal Lines

A lot of your mistakes in the challenge are your internal lines, it's completely normal but I do recommend some notes I found that can help you the future.



Ghosting your lines more can also help make that margin of error smaller.

  1. Distortion

Some of your boxes are very distorted something that helped me avoid distortion with my boxes is Uncomfortable's notes on distortion (https://drawabox.com/lesson/1/7/distortion) I always try to imagine a circle where all my vanishing points rest on while my box is at the middle of it all.

Congratulations on finishing the 250 box challenge! You may now move on to lesson 2 of Drawabox.

Next Steps:

Take a short break, do some reviewing and warm-ups, and go do Lesson 2 of Drawabox!

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12:45 PM, Sunday May 23rd 2021

Thank you for your valuable advice!

Now I just have to go to the next step.

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