Aight lets get to work:

Y must you take picture sideway >:(

Superimposed lines:

+Overall looks good,bit of flaying on the first end there,be sure ghost from your initial dot.

Ghosted Lines+Planes

+You seems to be goin over you lines for the planes exercise,tho not really sure what you're trying to do there but dont go over your line in a attempt to "clean it up" or "make it look nicer" cuz the first line is wobbly.You ghost the line out first,taking your time to plan it all out,and then execute it with confident,no second guessing.If the line comes off looking wobbly,you keep it like that.


Good job,those ellipses are looking clean and confident,a few minor issues on your second table of ellipses there:

+Keep in mind the main priority of the ellipses section is to produce a clean smooth stroke,you seems to be prioritizng getting them to fit in the table over confident marks.It's still a priority but not nearly as important as just making a smooth elliptical shape.


Few key things to point out here:

+On the rough perspective exercises:


->Try to extend the red lines to just the horizon lines please,you're overshooting them a bit. This is mostly nitpicking but just pointing it out cuz these concepts (vanishing point,horizon lines) are pretty important to keep in mind.So i want to make sure you properly understand them before moving on

+Big congrats for being able to push through the rotated boxes exercise m8,this is trully a test of willpower more than anything,so give your self some hugs for being able to make it through.

+Noticing your incorrect use of line weight on the organic perspective exercise.

These pic explain how you're gona be applying line weight throughout the courses:

Only use line weight to clarify overlaping lines:

Proper use of line weight: