Hello. I’m Seany and I’m here to critique your work today.


Your superimposed lines are good but I happen to notice that for the longer lines, the starting end has some fraying lines. You should be putting the tip of your pen on the starting dot. No need to rush.

For the ghosted lines, I see only a few lines that are wobbling. The rest of the lines are smooth and confident. Just keep focusing on the confidence, then work on your accuracy.

There’s only a few wobbly lines from your ghosted planes as well, but it’s only a few. Not going to repeat what I said above. But you did a nice job on the ghosted planes.


For the table of ellipses, you’ve done an incredible job for the most part. Just make sure that when you’re filling up the negative space, make sure that the ellipses don’t overlap.

For the funnels, they’re really good but I don’t get the “funnels” on the top corners. I don’t think they’re really funnels. I don’t really see a minor axis on them. But, overall, great job.


For the rough perspective exercises, make sure you’re making confident strokes because I’m seeing wobbling lines. Also, be sure that your vertical and horizontal lines are straighter.

The rotated boxes are pretty good for the most part, except for the right side of the rotated boxes being a bit more foreshortened than the left side. Good job though.

Overall, you did a pretty good job. I say go ahead to the 250 box challenge.