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12:32 AM, Sunday July 12th 2020

Hi, congrats on completing lesson 1. I'll be looking over your submission. Starting with your superimposed lines there are off to a decent start. You are keeping a clear starting point on these which is great. I was noticing a lot of wobble and tapering right after that clean initial start which is making me think you might be drawing these a bit too slowly focusing on accuracy. You really should be putting these down with one clean stroke almost without thinking. That said I noticed there was some improvement with the second page so I think you might be getting the hang of it a bit more. Still plenty of room for improvement on these. Your ghosted lines and planes have quite a bit of wobble that I'm noticing which means you probably aren't ghosting enough or you might not be drawing with your shoulder and instead using your wrist. Some lines are looking much straighter than others so this is something you really want to look out for.

Your tables of ellipses are off to a good start. You are doing a great job drawing through all of your ellipses and getting a pretty smooth shape. There is a bit of an issue with you how many times you are drawing through though. You really want to limit your draw through to 2 - 3 times max. On a lot of these you are drawing through 3 - 4 times and it's making your work look pretty sloppy and cluttered.Your ellipses in planes turned out okay although you are deforming some of your ellipses trying to accurately fit them into your planes. https://drawabox.com/lesson/1/12/deformed Keeping a smooth ellipse shape is your priority right now and accuracy is something you will build up the more and more you practice. The ellipses in funnels exercise is having some serious tilt issues that you need to be aware of. https://drawabox.com/lesson/1/13/notaligned You also might want to try increasing the degree of your ellipses as they move outwards in the funnel. Overall, one of the biggest issues that I noticed with all of these exercises is the one where you are drawing through too many times overall. Try and keep it to 2 - 3 times max.

Your plotted perspective exercise looks fine so moving onto your rough perspective boxes. These are having quite a few issues. First off you didn't format your homework correctly for the first page and only did two exercises on it. It is supposed to look like the sample here. https://drawabox.com/lesson/1/15/example Secondly, your line quality has gone seriously downhill since your ghosted planes which leads me to believe you have either dropped ghosting entirely and/or having reverted to drawing everything with your wrist. Now you did a good job extending your lines back to check your work on these and as you can see some of your boxes turned out quite funky. Another thing you should probably consider is that in one point perspective all of your horizontal lines for your boxes will be parallel to the horizon line. You are having a LOT of drift on some of these which is understandable since you are dealing with more complex spatial thinking than you are used to but this is something you really need to be aware of and think about.

Your rotated box exercise was clearly a bit of a struggle. One of the things that might really help you out with an exercise like this is to simply draw it bigger. Drawing bigger really tends to help with thinking through any complex spatial problems you might be facing. As it stands you did a good job drawing through most of your boxes but since the drawing was so small and you don't have really great line quality yet the image gets cluttered very quickly. You kept your gaps pretty narrow and consistent on these but you are running into another common problem which is that you aren't really rotating your boxes at all but simply moving them back in perspective. https://drawabox.com/lesson/1/16/notrotating Moving onto your organic box exercises these are a bit of an improvement over your rough perspective boxes line quality wise but that still could use some work so make sure you are ghosting and drawing from your shoulder. You are having lots of convergence issues with your boxes and you will get plenty of practice with that during the 250 box challenge. You also didn't lay out your pages correctly same as the rough perspective exercise. https://drawabox.com/lesson/1/17/example

So overall this was a decent submission showing some decent growth. I'm still going to have you redo 1 page of rough perspective boxes and 1 page of organic perspective boxes since you didn't follow the layout instructions on these correctly and you really do need more practice with ghosting your lines and drawing from the shoulder. Once you get those revisions submitted I'll mark this as complete and you can move onto the 250 box challenge.

Next Steps:

One more page rough perspective boxes, One more page organic perspective boxes. Lay them out correctly per the example homework. Make sure you ghost and draw from the shoulder.

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
7:37 PM, Sunday July 12th 2020

Hello sir! Here's my redo's for Rough and Organic Perspective. The lines are still wobbly, I have this habit of going over lines again, so I've been trying to do that a lot less. I'm working from my shoulder, focusing even more on it now instead of getting complacent and likely reverting back to using my wrist. Any additional insights and feedback you can provide me are greatly appreciated, thank you in advance!


11:07 PM, Sunday July 12th 2020

Your lines are a bit improved here but yeah really try not going over multiple lines at this point even if you feel like your initial line is wrong. You are better off going with one line that is slightly off than adding another line that just confuses and clutters the image even more. Your rough perspective boxes could still use plenty of practice. Some good things to think about when drawing boxes in one point perspective like that is that all horizontal lines should be parallel to the horizon line. You are getting a lot of slanting here and that is something you really should be thinking about when plotting your points. The same thing with your vertical lines. They should be straight up and down while drawing one point perspective boxes like this.

Keep up with your line practice in your warmups. I'm going to mark this as complete. Good luck with the box challenge.

This critique marks this lesson as complete.
11:19 PM, Sunday July 12th 2020

Thank you for your critique and guidance! I'll continue on being wary of my plotted points as I enter into the 250 Box Challenge. Enjoy the remainder of your week!

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