How do i upload my work with those links ?

1:43 PM, Monday April 12th 2021

Hey, I’m new here and i want to know whats the best website to upload my images with those link. i hope someone can tell me

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2:54 PM, Monday April 12th 2021

Seems is the preferred and I use it. Can't say I find it particularly user friendly but it does make submitted homework easier to view.

5:00 PM, Monday April 12th 2021

okay thank very much

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4:31 PM, Friday April 16th 2021
edited at 4:36 PM, Apr 16th 2021

Welcome to Draw a Box. As Benjamin explained , is the more used. You can in addition use a website like media-fire and offer a linked with your picture in the png format in it so that the corrector can check directly on his computer with a image viewer.

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