Hi, great job on finishing the 250 Box Challenge!

Looking through your work, you show clear signs of improvement of your lines converging to the vanishing point from Box 1 all the way to Box 250.

Of course, sometimes your lines tend to converge early, converge in pairs, or diverge early but that's normal and you'll definitely improve as you progress through the lessons. It's normal to have your inner corner be the main factor of your lines diverging or converging too early and that's because it tends to be the outcome of the other mistakes you made while drawing the box. I suggest taking a look at this, https://imgur.com/8PqQLE0 , to hopefully gain a slightly better understanding of the relationship of the lines. Don't stress too much about this, you'll eventually get it.

You tend to draw very small and your box orientations tend to be the same. In the future, draw bigger and larger boxes, this will help you and others when critiquing to see your mistakes more clearly. Take a look at this to see the other possible orientations when drawing boxes, https://imgur.com/Kqg6uMX

Overall, you did really good, your work shows a clear sign of growth with your lines and your hatching. I'll be marking this lesson as complete and good luck on Lesson 2! :D