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11:27 AM, Thursday April 6th 2023

Good job finishing Lesson 2. However, I'm afraid I can't mark this lesson as complete.

I will be going over some of the mistakes you have made, but none of the exercises have been done properly.

I'm sorry in advance for being harsh :(


Some of the arrows are finished, most of them are submitted in an unfinished state. You haven't taken perspective into account, the ribbons are the same width all the way through. Your shading has been placed at random spots on the ribbon instead of in the inside of the bends as was asked.


Your sausages are mostly ellipses instead of slightly bent shapes. I will admit, the ellipses inside the sausages look rather good, if your entire submission had the quality of these ellipses you'd pass. But I'm afraid that's where the compliments end. All your ellipses are the same degree, you'll want to vary them in width to give the illusion of bending in three-dimensional space, as it stands they are rather flat. Your sausages are tapering towards the end, please keep them a consistent width. Also the linework is somewhat wobbly and unconfident. Be sure to practice your ghosting before placing marks on paper!


The idea of this exercise is to draw just cast shadows of actual photos of objects. I'm afraid you came up with some fantasy objects to draw, and have no done a proper study of them. In the dissections exercise, you pasted the random shapes as if they were a flat surface, not taking any light source into account. Also, be sure to avoid "scratching" the page to make texture, it is never required!

Form intersections:

None of the shapes are drawn in proper perspective, and none of the shapes are overlapping. This is the opposite of what was asked in the exercise, so I'm not even sure how to critique this.

Organic intersections:

Be sure to keep your shapes simple, these are elongated and draped. Be sure to draw the full shape of the sausages even when they would otherwise hide behind other objects. The shadows seem to have been placed arbitrarily, and on most drawings no shadows have been placed at all. Be sure to re-read the exercise to understand where to place the shadows.


I don't think any of the exercises are passable, I recommend you re-read the exercises and re-submit the homework in full if you would like a proper grade. Sorry :(

However, looking at your profile I can see that you haven't received a review for your first lesson either, and you have not done the 250 boxes challenge yet. It is mandatory before starting this lesson, because it will get you the required amount of practice in drawing perspective needed to be able to do this lesson properly.

Next Steps:

Do the 250 boxes challenge first!

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
5:25 PM, Thursday May 11th 2023

I'm done with the 250 box challenge


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