I am restarting lesson 1 and the 250 box challenge do I ncritiqueeed to do anything to get critiqued for it?

7:25 PM, Saturday October 14th 2023

Hello, I am currently restarting Dropbox and getting my life back together. Currently I am restarting lesson 1 and I have completed it. However, I need my credits even though I'm subscribed to the patreon at the backbone of society.

The reason why I'm restarting is because I found two outlets that helps me burn all the stress out which is going to the gym and jogging.

However, I am in a dilemma. I do not know if I could get my lessons critiqued even though I completed them if anyone can answer my question I'd appreciate it.

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10:04 AM, Sunday October 15th 2023

You should be able to get it officially critiqued even if you've completed lesson 1 as long as you have:

  • 1 credit

  • A minimum of 14 days have passed since you last submitted for official critique (including revisions)

  • Your submission includes all assigned pages for that lesson.

If you don't have any credits, you can just upload it for community critique.

Hope this helped!

1:04 PM, Sunday October 15th 2023


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