Your work here is, to put it simply, really well done. To start with your form intersections, the presentation was a nice touch, but most importantly you're doing an excellent job of working through how the different forms relate to one another in space. I have just a couple suggestions moving forward - first off, this intersection (the sphere with the cylinder) should definitely wrap more exaggeratedly around the rounded surface of the sphere (you've done this a bit better in other cases, but understandably, some may not go as well, and I am glad that you didn't attempt to correct the mistake). Also, some of your cylinders (like this one) had more dramatic foreshortening applied to them than they should have, as it throws off the sense of consistent scale across the whole set.

Anyway, those are minor points, and your set has loads of forms with many different intersections, so those issues are in the minority.

Your cylinders iun boxes are also coming along great, not much else to be said there.

Moving onto your vehicle constructions, you've approached them with an incredible attention to detail - not just in terms of the little features and elements you've worked in so carefully, but also in terms of proportions, and the general willingness to break your constructions down as much as is needed to ensure everything is grounded in a foundation of strong construction. Each and every vehicle was built out to be entirely solid and believable, and there isn't a single one where I agree with your own assessment of being "loose" in your drawing. Each of these is tightly bound to clear constructional decisions, and every piece of information is strongly supported by an underlying scaffolding.

I'm especially pleased with the sheer quantity of cars you decided to focus on - there's a lot of leeway in this lesson to tackle different kinds of vehicles, some of which may have been easier (although airplanes have their own challenges, so throwing one in there would have been nice). Regardless, cars are by far the most difficult, and even among them you picked some that were especially challenging.

Your last two drawings were by far my favourite, and your rendition of my favourite car - the 67 mustang - was really well drawn. Not all your cars were perfect, and I can definitely see a certain curve of learning as you go - for example, while this one has good qualities, the overall construction feels a little stretched out, and the cab itself (windshield/windows/etc) feel a little lopsided. The Delorean also feels like it's wider than it ought to be.

Still, these are minor concerns, and you're clearly improving your confidence with this subject matter throughout.

There's not a lot else I can say - your work is fantastic. So with that, I'll happily mark this lesson, and with it the entirety of the Drawabox course, complete. Congratulations, you should be very proud of what you've accomplished.

From here, you can move onto the 100 treasure chest challenge if you feel like it, but that is entirely optional and not a requirement of being considered a "completionist".

Regardless of what you choose to do next, with the hard work, dedication to your craft, and general work ethic I am sure you're going to knock it out of the park.