250 Box Challenge

3:10 PM, Tuesday October 13th 2020

250 Boxes Challenge_mrmokhnach - Album on Imgur

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Finished these a while ago (in August?), but was hesitant to post.

Sorry they get messy at times.

Thank you for your time!

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2:59 PM, Monday February 15th 2021

Hello and great job on finishing the challenge.

You don't need to be sorry for messy lines its alright, but you should let them be wrong and don't draw over them multiple times, once for extra line weight is enough.

I don't see any problems with extending your lines in the right direction and your lines are very straight and with a good fill of confidence.

It seems to me you are already pretty good at constructing boxes from the get go and also you also have good variations from the start, but the more you come to the end it seems you pick your favorite box orientation and stick with them. That could be normal for such a long challenge, but it's something i noticed.

The only thing is you could do better with is adding a bit more pressure with the line weight.

Also your line divergence are pretty good and they get better over the challenge so the end corner is not so much off.

All in all you did a great job, you can try out additional exercises for boxes if you want. https://drawabox.com/lesson/250boxes/2

And if you want to improve you adding line weight you can stick to the lesson one line exercise for warm up. Example you could do the ghosted planes and add line weight or just the super imposed lines one.

You can go on to lesson 2 if haven't already finished it.

See you.

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1:22 PM, Monday August 1st 2022

Hello! Thank you so much for your critique and sorry for a super late reply and a random notification.

Thank you for your comment about sticking to one box orientation and line weight, I'll take notice of it. I struggle with line weight a little bit, so drawing ghosted planes with additional line weight seems like a reasonable thing to try.

Additional box exercises is something I'm definitely interested in. Now that I came back to Drawabox after a long hiatus, I'm enthusiastic about giving it a try.

Have a nice day!

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