Hey there, congratulations on making it through the 250 box challenge.

Overall you've made some good progress across the set both in terms of line confidence and convergences. It's good to see you did a mix of shallow and more extreme foreshortening also. In terms of the number of boxes per page, I'm glad you picked up on this and started drawing your boxes larger as the page does recommend 5-6 per A4 page - looking at your book though, I suspect it may be somewhere slightly smaller than this so just keep in mind that you may be able to fit less into a page to get the full effect of drawing large (which helps us work through spatial problems easier).

It's good to see you've carefully applied line weight and hatching to each of your boxes, which has ensured you've gotten the maximum ghosting practice out of the exercise. You mentioned some wobbling in your lines and I can see that they're mostly limited to the rear lines of the boxes and application of line weight, so just make sure that even if you're feeling a bit uncertain, that you take the time to plan things out and execute confidently.

Your check lines for the most part are extended in the correct direction - a little slip up here and there is fine and you've gotten use out of them. While your convergences actually start off pretty well and do improve, you're still experiencing some of the same issues by the end, particularly when it comes to small mistakes compounding on the final lines of your box. One way to counteract this is to think more about the relationships between the angles of your parallel lines. For example, this diagram shows that the outer lines (blue and magenta) converge at a far steeper angle than those on the interior (orange and green). Whilst this diagram shows a box with rather extreme foreshortening, the same concept applies to the more subtle foreshortening - though naturally, the outer lines converge less steeply to compensate for this.