Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes

4:49 AM, Tuesday November 14th 2023

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I Finally Completed Lesson 1. I look forward to the critiques. And please let me know if there is any exercise I might need to do again before starting 250 box challenge.

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5:17 AM, Thursday November 23rd 2023

Hi Hansika207!

I'll be doing your critique today! :) I'll divide it into 3 parts to make it easier for you to follow.


  • Super Imposed Lines - You've done well to start from the same starting point and thus there is no fraying at the beginning. However, you've sacrificed confidence in your line to ensure that you reach the pre-determined end point. As a result, your superimposed lines show a little wobbling. Wobbling should be minimised as we try to focus on confidence in our linework. It doesn't matter that there would have been fraying at the end of the line due to not reaching the end point accurately. The main focus is confidence so please keep that in mind. Ghosting will help you build that confidence and with more practise you'll be able to draw lines more accurately. For now, fixing that wobbling should be your main focus.

  • Ghosted Lines - You've done well here! It can be clearly seen that you've ghosted enough to reduce that wobbling. There is a little overshooting of the line at the end of your stroke in some of your lines. To counter this, it may help to lift your hand up once you reach the end point to prevent the pen from overshooting that point. Again, with practise this will come to you. Overall, nicely done!

  • Ghosted Planes - Good job here as well. As in the previous exercise, you've drawn confident strokes and ghosted enough to ensure that most lines start at the starting point and end on or close to the endpoint. Once again I see a little wobbling here but it's not too bad so again, more ghosting and practise will help. One thing to note is that I see a few lines that have a subtle C-curve to them. To counter this, you can consciously arch the opposite way to maintain a straight line when ghosting, this can help lessen the arching problem. Again this comes with practise so keep practising and these issues will be minimised.


  • Tables of Ellipses - Your table looks good with most of the ellipses touching the borders with little or no overlap. You've correctly maintained the 2-stroke ellipse as well. A little of that wobble I mentioned before is also seen here too. Once again, ghosting will come to the rescue! In addition, more ghosting will help your ellipses be 'tighter' so it doesn't look like your second stroke is a lot different from your first so keep that in mind.

  • Ellipses in Planes - Your ellipses in planes are quite good too. There is a little wobble in some of your ellipses as you've tried to ensure it touches all 4 sides of the plane. Overall though, it's well done. Again, with more ghosting the confidence issue will go away on its own. :)

  • Funnels - Good job on your funnels. Your ellipses look good though again, there is a little wobble. However, there is a relative symmetry with the minor axis cutting the ellipses good job overall!


  • Plotted Perspective - Everything looks good here, no issues!

  • Rough Perspective - Good job on keeping the lines either perpendicular or horizontal to the horizon! Also, you've accurately used the line correction method and drawn through your boxes. Some students go past the horizon or don't line up the correction lines to the corner 'dots' when they draw their correction lines. However, there's a little wobble/curving to your lines. We've already addressed this so I won't talk about it again. Use your shoulder more to mark the paper as using your wrist greatly increases your chances of curved lines. Keep practising from the shoulder and arching in the opposite direction than which you tend to draw and your lines will be straighter! These issues are minor though and this is a very well done exercise all in all so nicely done!

  • Rotated Boxes - Really good job here! Some students really struggle with this exercise. It is clear that your spatial awareness is good as you've rotated your boxes quite accurately while maintaining quite a close distance with each corner of the boxes. A little bit of curving and wobble can be seen here too in your line work but I'm sure this will improve over time. Really well done here!

  • Organic Perspective - The organic boxes look good! You've kept a good sense of rotation as well as perspective here too so good job! I see in 1 box you've tried to fix one edge as the initial trajectory was incorrect. You should not try to fix a line, you should always keep the line as it if were correct and move on. This is stressed a lot during the whole course so ensure you adhere to this rule. We don't mind seeing mistakes. It is through making mistakes that we learn. Overall, good job on this!

All in all, this is a good submission and I'm confident you'll improve over time. Keep in mind to ghost more and work on that wobbling/curvature of your lines. I would like you to work on one exercise before I can mark you as complete just to make sure you've understood everything I've mentioned.

Next Steps:

  • 1 page of Ellipses in Planes

Please provide the above when you can.

When finished, reply to this critique with your revisions.
5:16 PM, Sunday November 26th 2023

Thanks a Lot for the critiques. They were really helpful.

Here is 1 pg of Ellipses in Plane as you asked : -


6:22 PM, Sunday November 26th 2023
edited at 6:24 PM, Nov 26th 2023

I can see the confidence in your stoke has improved with the new ellipses as well as in the planes! The strokes in your ellipses will get closer together as you practise more during your warm ups. I think with this I'm happy to mark your lesson 1 as complete.

Make sure to practise the exercises from this lesson during ur warm ups and I think you're ready for move to the 250 box challenge!

Good luck and all the best! :)

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4:02 PM, Monday November 27th 2023
edited at 4:44 PM, Dec 2nd 2023

Thanks a lot for your help.

edited at 4:44 PM, Dec 2nd 2023
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