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6:41 PM, Tuesday February 25th 2020

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I'm actually just posting this to test if a minor bug's been fixed, but... hey, when have OGMA doodles not been welcome on Drawabox? Never, that's when. Svendogee came to me with a drawing idea, which I promptly stole before shoving him in a gutter and running away. As one does.

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10:41 PM, Wednesday July 22nd 2020

Hello Sir,

I apologize for directly contacting you and for such bad English communication, as it's not my native language I'm not good at it. Though my words seems improper or rude, I really don't mean it.

It's been more than a month since I submitted my 250 Box Challenge submission and also I critiqued some submissions too, then too, none of the community members commented on my submission. I'm here just to kindly ask you that, is my submission buried so deep under the buch of those other submissions forever, where no one from the community can reach to critique? Until when I should be critiquing other submissions to bring my submission up on the list, on top of that, so many submissions are submitted daily? Although I don't bother to critique them, rather I really love to critique other's work, from which ultimately my knowledge and skills are developing. But right now because of this COVID-19 pandemic situation, me and my family are facing a huge financial problem, I can't afford so much of internet, that's why I couldn't critique a plenty of homeworks and not even I could pay for the official critique also. I personally don't earn money as I'm a student and unemployed. As soon as I get some money, I'll definitely support you with that.

I always eagerly want to improve my drawing and learn proper techniques and structure of drawing. And now, because of lockdown period, I really wanna give this time to focus on improving and learning drawing. When I got to know about the Drawabox, I really liked the unique way of your teaching and explaining anything in a proper understandable way. The way you classified the drawing aspects in the form of different lessons is really helpful for students like me. I did't find anyone else teaching like this before. I've completed my Lesson: 1 so much energetically and as per community critique I moved on to the 250 Box Challenge. It was really fun and inspiring to do those homework and practice. It really gave me so much confidence and improved my thinking about drawing a lot. After completing 250 Box Challenge I was wondering what will be the feedback for my homework and started to practice drawing as you taught. But until now I didn't get any feedback because of which I can't even decide whether to move on to the next lesson or not. I'm just wating for a month now, for any one of the communities critique so that it will give me an idea about what to do next as soon as possible, as after this lockdown period is over, I wouldn't able to focus on this so much.

Can you please help me with this?

Here's my 250 Box Challenge submission -

And just in case, I'm putting the link for my Lesson: 1 submission too -

I really apologize once again to bother you.

3:10 PM, Thursday July 23rd 2020

While giving detailed critiques on request would undermine that which keeps Drawabox viable as a business, I do understand that having to wait a month and longer to get feedback can be difficult. Remember that there are other options - the discord chat server, for instance.

Also, you're welcome to post your work again if you haven't received a response in a while. Critiquing other students helps bump your submission's position by basically keeping it higher on the list for longer - the number of critiques you do works against the post's age, so if your post is a month old, it's going to require a lot more critiques to get it back up. If however you just post it again (which again, is totally fine if it's been around for a couple weeks), it should stay higher on the list for longer and increase your chances at getting feedback.

Anyway, since you have done loads of critiques of other students, I figure I might as well let you know that you should have no issues moving onto Lesson 2. Your boxes here are extremely well done, and you're clearly thinking quite a bit about how each line aligns to converge with its parallel counterparts, and your use of line weight helps imbue your boxes with a strong sense of solidity. You're doing very well, so you should absolutely feel free to move onto lesson 2.

9:56 PM, Thursday July 23rd 2020

Hello Sir,

Sorry to disturb you again. But I'm her to say Thank You for giving your precious time for my issue. I do understand and respect the rules or terms of the Drawabox, I surely don't have any objections on that. I just asked for help as I didn't know the other ways of gaining attention of the community members on the submission. But now I'll definitely try the options suggested by you as Discord server and Reposting the Submission for 250 Box Challenge.

And it's my great pleasure to have my submission seen by you, thanks again for this. Having your few lines of feedback on my work is really a great and inspiring thing for me.

Because of this, I can move on to the next Lesson instead of waiting so long for the detailed critique for 250 Box Challenge from the community. It's really gonna help me a lot.

Thank you so much.

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