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3:57 AM, Wednesday May 29th 2024
edited at 3:38 AM, May 30th 2024

Hey! My name is ARIEJAMESDALLAS and I'll be offering some critique pieces in stages. I say that because while words would help, I think that it's actually easier to explain some of the perspective feedback using a "photoshopped" draw-over. That's something I'll add in the next three days, or sooner.

In the meantime, I think you are off on the right track! I see some exemplary cylinders in both your first and second set.

Two things you could be mindful of: First, if you are going to make hatchmarks, make an effort to have them reach all the way from one side of the ellipse to the other. In 3D world, those hatchmarks are resting on that plane in space, not floating sticks. Good confidence on them though! Second, it appears in some that you've skipped drawing twice through some of the ellipses. Is that true on your end? Please pardon if I'm mistaken.

edited at 3:38 AM, May 30th 2024
7:23 PM, Thursday May 30th 2024


Thanks for the feedback. I think I was consistent about drawing through the ellipses twice but I might have forgotten sometimes. I do recall some cases where the second pass was close enough to the first that it only looks like one pass, probably because it was following the indent made in the paper by the first pass. It might clarify if you label some of those instances.

1:16 AM, Friday May 31st 2024
edited at 1:19 AM, May 31st 2024


If you look at page marked 93 and page 40, it looks like some of your ellipses are maybe 1 or 1.5 times.

I also attached a visual link to a visual critique I did.

I don't think I am totally there yet with my explanation but I hope it helps some!

I think you should have one more person check over your work. At this point I'm feeling like it may need some revisions with the cylinders in boxes.

edited at 1:19 AM, May 31st 2024
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