250 Box Challenge

4:37 PM, Tuesday August 11th 2020

Drawabox 250 Box Challenge - Lannpha - Album on Imgur

Imgur: https://imgur.com/a/NEpeYDd

Post with 8 views. Drawabox 250 Box Challenge - Lannpha

Just.. one.. more.. box..

Well, here are all 250 boxes! I did them in fountain pen (which sometimes proved a nuisance when it decided to dry up unexpectedly).

I know for sure I could have done the boxes more accurately, but one thing that I learned through this was that sometimes you just have to sit down and do it. Frustrating (very) at times, but life isn't about not doing things I suppose :)

P.S: 2 of the pictures might be rotated weird

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6:07 AM, Wednesday August 12th 2020

Hey, congrats on this. I recently finished this challenge too and it took me weeks.

Your line weights improved over time which is great.

You did self checking like measuring vanish point distance around box 50 which is smart.

Definitely improved a lot over the boxes, including confidence in lines.

Only thing I will mention is that sometimes one vanishing point off. Sometimes the closer edge is not parallel enough, it reaches the vanishing point before the farther edge. This causes the nonparallel lines. Something that helped me was starting thinking of connecting all the edges to a vanishing point and that was the goal, I started with 1 VP, then 2, then 3. Made dots all over my page and that improved my accuracy.

Otherwise congrats, this is by far not an easy goal and takes mad commitment.

4:44 PM, Wednesday August 12th 2020

Yeah, I feel like I definitely autopiloted my way through some of the boxes, not really converging towards VPs but eyeballing angles. Breaking it down to 1-2-3 is something I'll have to keep in mind, instead of trampling through without giving the boxes a bit more thought.

Thanks for the critique :)

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