hello, I'll be critiquing your lesson 2 work

Organic Arrows

Starting with your organic arrows, I notice a good amount of confidence in your linework. However, I do not see much lineweight being added to areas that overlap. This would be something to practice along with warm-ups.

I do also want to mention something about your arrow shapes and foreshortening. It seems to me that you are not quite grasping the arrows compressing as they go further away in perspective, causing your arrows to lack much depth. Here is an example of what it should look more like: https://d15v304a6xpq4b.cloudfront.net/lesson_images/011d064f.jpg . Also try experimenting more with the orientation of the arrows

--It may be helpful to also look back at the lesson if you need more help

Organic Forms with Contours

I feel that your sausage forms are turning out nice and confident. It seems like some of your forms pinch or swell throughout their length, so try to avoid that as best as you can.

For the ellipses in the forms, you did a decent job at changing the degree of the ellipses as they move in space. The contour curves are turning out well too. I like to see that you are hooking the curves around the shape and keeping them fit snug inside of the sausage.


On the texture analysis, I can see that your work is turning out great. You did well with using the ink boldy and paying attention to the transistion between the zones with high density of detail to the areas that are more sparse.

-you also did a good job of drawing the shapes of the shadows and then filling them in, rather than simple, thin lines.

Looking at your texture dissections, I see that you applied the same bold shadows and transistions like in your analysis. Good job at breaking the silhouette as well.

Form Intersections

Form intersections are a new concept and are rather hard so don't worry if you don't completely understand the concept just yet. It will make more sense as you will practice these concepts more in later lessons. Other than that, I think that your linework is turning out nicely here.

Organic Intersections

Lastly, your organic intersections are turning out great and are becoming solid. I also see that most of your shapes are staying consistent in size, which is what you should aim towards. For the cast shadows, they are bold and seem to be wrapping around the forms nicely. However, I would like to see more lineweight on the areas that overlap or seem to be infront of the other shapes.

Alrighty, I think it would be helpful for you to get a some more practice in with your organic arrows. I will assign this for you below.