After first lesson and challenge

1:14 AM, Tuesday June 15th 2021

Hi, good Drawabox community!

Please I was wondering if anyone could offer me any advice? I finished Lesson 1 and the 250 Box Challenge, but I feel like my abilities in my other art haven’t gotten better: in my anatomy drawing, my lines don’t seem any smoother or more accurate, and my favorite thing to draw from real-life reference—old, ornamental tombstones—don’t seem any better either. I tried drawing one yesterday from the front with a little bit of the side showing, and after 250 boxes, I just couldn’t get the perspective even close; I was looking at it trying to get the z lines that were receding away from me unto the flat page, and I just couldn’t figure out their angle to save my neck despite it being right there in front of my face. I’m just really discouraged. I’m not trying to detract from the value of the course at all, or even these first lesson and challenge. I’m just wondering if I’m doing something wrong, and if there’s a way I can do better going forward to get more out of marvelous Drawabox.

Thank you all so much and take care.


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2:45 AM, Tuesday June 15th 2021
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Try watching the Becca Rand review. You may find it helpful.

Doing an exercise and then trying to test any difference it makes is not a good idea. You do drawabox and you do your other 50% of creative stuff. Stick with it, don't just do the minimum and at some point you will just notice that "this was a bit easier" or " this is better". Learning happens with with long plateaus and then sudden steps up. It is not linear.

One saying I always remember relating to this is that "We learn to skate in summer and swim in winter". Basically a change happens when you are not actively trying to improve.

For myself I can only say that it has been hard work for me, I have been doing it for about a year I think and have just passed Lesson 5. But, it has definitely been worth it as I notice a huge difference in the ease with which I see and draw.

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3:23 PM, Wednesday June 16th 2021

Hi, ScoobyClub!

Thank you for your wisdom and encouragement! I actually watched that video before, but, wow, did it speak to me more germanely this time. I really do think I've past that first plateau, and I guess this is just a bit of a valley. But I realized how far I have to go, and I can't let the perfectionist expectations and negative appraisals counterproductively keep me from reaching my goals faster or at all. Also, I was inspired by your improvement in "see[ing] and draw[ing]" because the main reason I wanted to do Drawabox was to improve with 3D space and Construction, as well as that great quote I've never heard before.

Thanks again,


12:32 PM, Thursday June 17th 2021

No problem. I had a quick look at your feedback ( looks like you're going the patreon route which I think is much more useful ). This is the sort of feedback to expect as you go forward. It is not the soft and fluffy route but it is not negative either. Everything is about building solid foundations. If some small things are let slide for the sake of positivity it will cause real chaos when the higher lessons are reached. If you look at mine I had to submit more animals for my last submission because I had not understood some concepts.

Couple of things I would add.

  1. Make sure you thoroughly go through all the text and all the videos to understand in detail what is required at each stage. There is a lot of information and if you forget or miss something it will be picked up.

  2. Try to do a few pages of the basic warmups every day. I did this for about 3 months solid and still do it regularly now. Building the control and strength in your arm to produce confident lines is essential to progress.

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