Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes

7:57 PM, Sunday January 30th 2022

drawabox lesson 1 - Google Photos

drawabox lesson 1 - Google Photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/nH3Un6KKcmprYEqY7

On the organic perspective exercise, it seemed harder to pinpoint the "Y" (the closest edge to viewer) - it was more natural to just make the mark confidently. You migth notice some of my boxes' edges were too long. I spent quite a bit of time measuring what the actual convergence should be after making the line before it too long.

Rotated boxes - I had difficulty finding out what the most interior face of the box should be - you'll notice one of my first boxes was far too long, but I tried to correct that in the rest.

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1:13 AM, Monday January 31st 2022
  1. Ghosted lines have some wobble. However, by the organic perspective homework, confidence improved a lot.

  2. Table of Ellipses, some of the ellipses don’t appear drawn through. The ones only drawn once seem to be earlier on in the exercise, while most of the ellipses were drawn through two or three times as intended. I also want to point out, the ones that were drawn through seem more confident than the ellipses only drawn once. Good improvement throughout the exercise.

  3. Your rotated boxes homework looks good; I can see the improvement over the course of that homework with the lines and the boxes.

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Move on to Lesson 2.

Remember to prioritize confidence over accuracy.

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3:51 AM, Tuesday February 8th 2022

thanks Mewithe!

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