Hi Kayart! I'll be reviewing your homework. Let's see:

Organic Arrows: Your lines look confident and fluid, great job on that. The main mistake here is that you are not compressing the space between edges (except maybe on the middle one), and thus, they look flat and lose the sense of depth we're looking for. Your arrows are closer to this than this. Watch out for correcting lines too, if you make a mistake, draw a line that's too short, etc., just let them be and don't correct them, as tempting as it can be.

Leaves: Your leaves look good, well done. It would've been good to see some of them twisting and folding over themselves though, to really capture the flexibility they have. You could've drawn more too, there's a lot of blank space on the page.

Branches: You mostly got your ellipses aligned and you changed it's degrees, that's good. You could've been bolder with the degree changes though, remember that they are very useful to define how the form turns in 3D space. And while the tail problem on your edges will solve itself with enough practice and ghosting, you are starting lines at random points. Remember that we: start on an ellipse, overshoot the next one, and then start on the next ellipse and overshoot the next one, and so on. Like this.

Plant Drawings:

So here's the thing. You are being very sloppy, but based on the previous homework, you should be fine, so it's not an issue of understanding the lesson as much as it is of working randomly, instead of following the steps of construction.

You see, on the daisy, your ellipses and leaves are all over the place, but you had the time to put some dots as shading. Same goes for both your mushrooms; in the second one you skipped on edge complexity and contour lines, but you went straight for the texture. The same thing happened to your cactus, where you didn't finish the construction steps and immediately jumped to texture, outlining a lot of shapes and even giving some texture to the ground the cactus was in. So this is not a problem of motivation, is a problem of working inefficiently.

The same effort (probably less) that it took you to make all the detail on your plants, could've been used instead thinking about how the forms work with one another, and then making a simple construction based on that. Remember that detail is optional, and more important: remember that is not the point to make beautiful drawings, the point is to use these drawings as an exercise in construction, and as such, we will make mistakes, and things will not look the same as our references. But you have to give it an honest, focused try.

And finally, the biggest problem I see is that you've been working on a vacuum, without receiving any feedback for any of them. That is not your fault, as it is easy for the uploads to get lost over time, but from here on out, use the Drawabox Discord: whenever you have a submission that is past a week without receiving feedback, they can put it on a list where it will be reviewed promptly. Don't move on without having your work reviewed.

As you go through the lessons you'll have to make reviews to other people if you want your lessons to be reviewed as well, that in itself will help you a lot. And I have to say, you've been doing pretty fine even working on a vacuum, so please don't get discouraged!

The thing I would do is:

  • Get your other lessons reviewed as soon as you can, via Discord.

  • Apply the feedback you get.

And about this lesson:

  • Draw one more page of Organic Arrows; remember to apply compression of space as they move away.

  • Do all 8 plant drawings again, with an emphasis on following the right steps in order for your construction. Remember that detail is optional, and if you choose to do it, remember that we work on implicit detail and cast shadows only: no outlined forms and no form shading.

Take your time, work carefully. One plant per page, as you are doing it, is fine. It's also fine if you stop mid-drawing and come back to it later, as long as you keep working with care, there's no problem at all with that. If you have any questions, I'll be happy to answer them. Hope you keep it up! Cheers