Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes

6:33 AM, Tuesday September 27th 2022

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If you're wondering the blackened side of my Rotated Boxes, it's because i was shading it with marker and realized i can't see anything like that so i switched to hatching after asking on discord

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2:50 PM, Tuesday October 4th 2022

Lines: I can see wobbly lines in the line exercises. I can also see repeated lines in the lines ghosted exercises. Also on ghosted lines I see arching lines.

Ellipses: I can see some wobbly ellipses the exercises, remember drawing though ellipses 2-3 times before doing the ellipse. I would like to mention that in the funnels exercise there are funnels that leave the folio, I only remind you because it is not necessary that the funnels do not cross. In this same exercise I can see that there are ellipses that are rotated from the minor axis. In ellipses in planes I can see ellipses that do not touch the four points of the plane.

Boxes: I can see that you have repeated lines in some boxes. I also see that you have problems with perspective in rotated boxes exercise https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/368870697742630912/715669112222908466/zfr3o7xneog31.png

I can see that you have a good understanding of the exercises that you did and why you are doing these exercises, and that is by far the most important thing of all. Everything else will improve with time and practice. So I can mark the lesson as complete.

Next Steps:

250 Box Challenge

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1:58 PM, Wednesday October 5th 2022

Thanks for taking your time for my submission!

In the lines exercise, yes i admit there's some

wobbly and arching lines, mainly because how i see Drawabox as a very big project for someone who have never drawn like me. That fear still lingers but not as much as back then

For the Ellipses exercise, i guess my excuse is that time i was trying to change my grip from quadrupod to tripod grip

As for the Boxes exercise, yes i did some repeated lines because some lines missed too far from where i intended. And i realize i'm not rotating the boxes enough in the rotated exercise. The link you've put up there really helps explains what i feel like i've understood but still unsure whether it's right or not.

Once again, thanks for criticizing my submission!

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